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Wall Decoration Ideas For Amazing Results

A lot of people tend to find walls intimidating. They appear to be large, solid structures that should be left alone. However, if you manage to get past it, you will start to realize that a tall, windowless wall is the perfect canvas for your creativity. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to make your home even prettier – provided you can come up with show-stopping wall decoration ideas.

Sometimes, walls can be pretty unremarkable. With a simple coat of color and a painting covering them, walls are often unexploited enough. Fortunately, with these 7 show-stopping wall decoration ideas, we hope you’ll find your inspiration and courage to start thinking on a grander scale in order to give your walls the personality they need to truly make your home stand out.

Wall Decoration Ideas That Elevate Your Home

If you’re a fan of history, you’ll love these ideas!

17th-Century Italian Entrance Hall Mural

If your home happens to have a historical past or was initially built in a very time-specific style or region, perhaps you could pay tribute to the period by recreating that style. For example, you could create a surreal mural of birds and plants in soft, muted colors in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia and give your home character and age.

Taxidermy And Bold Colors

Taxidermy is a very cringe-worthy wall decoration idea in general and it reminds us of times gone by when it was a popular occurrence in home décor. While it is still an odd choice, if done right, taxidermy can give your walls a “Wow!” factor that everyone will fall in love with!

Consider pairing a taxidermy antelope on a striking red stucco wall. Also, if you could hang this above a fireplace, then you’re in for show-stopping wall decoration.

Inspired by nature? Check out our nature-themed wall decoration ideas!

Grasscloth In The Living Room

If you’re interested in something designer-made, opt for sheathing the living room wall with grasscloth. You can give more coherence to the room by making sure the sofa is made out of complementary fabrics. Of course, you can play around with the rest of the room for a splash of color and contrast, but the focal point will be the textured wall.

TIP: Give the wall more sophistication by hanging a large, neutral-colored painting.

The Cabin Look:

If you’re a nature enthusiast, then you will absolutely love this idea: planks of barn wood lining the walls. This idea works wonderfully in the study in order to help you focus and stimulate your creativity. This look works wonderful when paired with wooden furniture because it creates a very natural, and ruggedly masculine theme for your study.

TIP: Place the planks horizontally for a wider room or vertically for a taller one, though, the horizontal ones will definitely make the room look more elegant.

Or perhaps these ideas will win you over…

Purple & Violet Explosion:

Sometimes a dining room needs a very intense and dramatic look in order to host amazing dinners. If this is something you resonate with, consider taking it on a whole new level. Cover the walls in purple JAB wool. This way you give the room a very cozy and intimate feel. Why? Because the sound won’t bounce off the walls but instead be absorbed, making for delicious and intimate conversations! Pair this with light violet curtains and you’ve got yourself a very dramatic dining room!

The Classic Collage:

Collages are a classic, especially for teenagers who line their bedroom walls with pictures and posters of friends and idols. However, collages can also work wonderfully throughout the house. Whether it’s a focus wall in the living room or a study room, a black and white collage that covers a wall entirely will give a lot of depth and character to any wall. What’s remarkable about a black and white collage is that it doesn’t force your attention to it. It can act a simple background or as a complex show of memories and scenes that marvel with their story upon a closer look.

As you can tell, there are many ways to create show-stopping wall decorations. From taxidermy antelope to black and white collages, these were our wall decoration ideas! Hopefully, we’ve managed to inspire you to create impressive wall decoration for your home!

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