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Amazing Floor Design Ideas For Your Home

Our homes are very important because they’re basically a space we spend a lot of time in. However, out of all the surfaces, none experience more stress than the floors. That’s why clever floor design is important. Whether we’re talking about hardwood floors, concrete or stone – it doesn’t matter.  The fact still remains that the floor is in many ways the foundation of each room. For this reason, we should pay more attention not only to the materials we use but also to their color and other properties.

Why settle on a neutral floor when you can create fabulous patterns and textures, thus giving a room an awesome design? Here are 3 awesome floor design ideas for your home:

Clever floor design: Improve Your Home

Idea #1 Ceramic or Porcelain Floors

There are a lot of tiles out there to choose from, so many that you are provided with a huge variety of patterns and colors and styles that can help you create stunning designs. You can go with Victorian-style tiles that are highly elaborate and have geometric patterns. These are ideal if you want to give your home a period feel. One classical example is the black and white checkerboard design that is also very dramatic.

TIP: The black and white checkerboard design will work really well in the hall, but you can also get away with using it in your bathroom or conservatory.

On the other hand, if you want to adopt a more bohemian look, then a Mediterranean style could suit your home better! For example, encaustic tiles would work perfectly thanks to their muted shades and natural patina that complement wonderfully a home is a laid-back style.

Idea #2 Wooden Floors

Wood is a very popular choice for floors and has been for hundreds of years. What’s really great about wood is the warmth it gives to a room, especially when it comes in warmer tones. There is a certain textural character to wood that makes it go well in some many homes. Out of all of them, it looks best with a country interior. Of course, if you want to go for a more modern look, you could opt for other types of wood, a more finished and sleek look which wouldn’t look distressed at all.

TIP: Use floor paint to enhance a room, or use paint to create hand-painted patterns. If you don’t feel you have a steady hand, consider using stencils.

By using lighter colors you can increase the visual size of the room and completely alter its vibe, making it more welcoming and bright, while using darker colors you give the room a more sophisticated feel. Needless to say, darker colors will shrink the size of the room, visually.

Floor design: Concrete living room

Idea #3 Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are no longer seen exclusively in industrial settings. Nowadays, more and more people turn to a concrete floor in their own homes. After all, concrete is a superb surface that creates a very modern architectural statement when polished.

Among its long list of PROs, concrete is durable and versatile which makes it very easy to incorporate in any house. Concrete is also very simple and easy to work with, meaning it can be teamed with underfloor heating. Also, it can act as a link between multiple areas. For example, if you plan on using a concrete floor for the living room, kitchen and exterior courtyard, then you’ll have some awesome continuity between these areas.

TIP: You can leave polished concrete as it is, for a nude and industrial-modern look or you can tint it with special paints for a more sophisticated look.

All things considered, changing the properties of the floors in your home can have a huge impact on the overall design of a room. As you can see, by playing with color, textures, and patterns you can create an incredible floor design for your home that will not only look good but also give your home a very unique touch!

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