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Interior Decoration Tips For An Inviting Home

Finding interior decoration tips isn’t hard. There are so many places you can look for home decoration ideas that it’s almost impossible not to find something you can work with. There are interior design magazines that specialize in expert advice and a myriad of websites that cover the same topic. These are great sources of inspiration. Unfortunately, figuring out which ones work best for your home is something you’ll have to figure out on your own – unless you hire a designer!

While hiring interior designers is certainly helpful, it is also very expensive. But what if you didn’t have to break the bank? What if you could get invaluable interior decoration tips from designers for free? Luckily, we’ve scoured the Internet for them and compiled a short list of the best decoration tips from interior designers. Check them out below!

Interior Decoration Tips: What Designers Say

Make smart investments:

Before investing in decoration, consider having your roof inspected. You don’t want your new walls to be stained when the first storms hit your area. There are professional contractors for roof repair in Canton Michigan who will be happy to assist you with this task.

Now, let’s get back to our soon to be gorgeous interiors. The vast majority of people have a set budget for interior decoration. This means you must learn how to make smart investments. Instead of blowing your budget on some super-expensive paint or real wood floors, invest in only one thing. Try to invest in pieces that stand out. Something that really gives character to a room.

For example, in the living room, your best bet is to buy one luxury item to anchor the room. A crystal chandelier or designer sofa can elevate the room dramatically. Then, build the rest of the room around that item. Likewise with overall themes, so if you have a room centred around fantasy or video games, then items like dragon candles can really add to the room’s character.

Use technology in your advantage:

It’s very fashionable to ban technology from your home. Being disconnected has so many advantages! However, we live in a modern world and we have modern needs. Instead of fearing technology, you should embrace it.
Interior decoration is not just about furniture and paint. It’s also about technology and the way it can change a room, bring it to life.

Take, for example, smart home apps. These technological marvels can control lighting. Color-changing light bulbs are very versatile, especially if your walls are painted white. Why? Because you can change their color through a simple app on your phone or via voice command. This means you can always adapt your home to fit either your mood or an event you’re hosting.

Don’t buy the first thing you see!

Home decoration and especially home redecoration can be exhausting. That’s why, in order to get done with it as soon as possible, people tend to buy the first thing they see. Try not to give in to this instinct. Instead, shop around. There are always better deals elsewhere. The most surprising deals you can make are at vintage stores. You’ll be surprised what hidden gems you can find!

Size matters

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice we found online was related to the scale of things. Whether we’re talking sofas, floor lamps, art sculptures or paintings, size is something to consider.

Always think about the size of your rooms. Small rooms should have smaller furniture and decoration. Large rooms should have larger furniture and decoration. Otherwise, you risk messing up the geometry and proportions of your space. That’s the only way to keep your home visually pleasant.

Don’t be afraid to add something different!

A common mistake people make when decorating their house is making sure everything matches. While ensuring colors and textures match and work well together is very important, don’t overdo it. It’s equally important to add a piece that stands out because it doesn’t match the rest of your decorum.

Let’s take for example the dining room, specifically the dining table. People like to make sure all the chairs look the same. Instead of doing the same, use different chairs. This will give your dining room a lot of personality! Also, if done right, it will look very chic!

Interior design isn’t easy. That’s why we pay designers to do it. While there are a lot of sources of inspiration out there, finding the right ones for your home isn’t easy. Hopefully, the interior decoration tips we shared with you will help you make the right decisions!

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