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10 Sofa Side Tables You Will Adore

armchair side table

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Searching for inspiration when thinking of sofa side tables but not quite sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Here are ten side table styles that are sure to complement your sofa and blend seamlessly into your living space…

On-Trend Rattan

Rattan has become a firm favorite in the furniture world, and it’s very easy to see why! This light and stylish wooden table will bring a little beachside spirit to your sofa set. A pale rattan blends gorgeously into light, bright and colorful living spaces, set with anything darker and its impact can get a little lost.

Hamptons Luxe

The sophisticated and refined combination of pale painted wood and glass makes this side table perfect for enhancing the plush and luxurious feel of your oversized linen or cotton Hamptons sofa set.

Shabby Chic Style

White painted rattan or timber is ideal for bringing another element of shabby chic style to your lounge. Extra points if you go to the effort of sanding the edges of your piece to enhance the shabby, lived-in vibe that you’re going for!

Light And Airy

This mirror topped transportable side table is a match made in heaven for small spaces! Just because you’re tight on space, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on storage, comfort, or style. This side table will reflect light around the room and act as a minibar for when you’re entertaining, small space living is all about light items that are multifunctional.

Industrial Accents

Amp up the earthy, unfinished tone of the industrial style with this side table. This piece’s contrasting hues of worn, cool black and warm, rustic timber makes it the ideal addition to any edgy industrial space.

Rustic Country Charm

Speaking of rustic! Country living should be all about a warm, rustic, welcoming atmosphere, and this side table is the perfect way of creating extra creature comforts when you’re lounging on your country style sofa set. The soft vintage vibe is also fantastic for more bohemian, artistic spaces.

nesting sofa side tables

Nesting Side Sets

Another small space hero! Nesting tables are fantastically multifunctional and make a great alternative to a traditional coffee table, which some spaces simply cannot afford to accommodate. Stash together and use as a single table for day to day use and pull out your second staple for guests for additional sofa side snacks, whatever works for you!

Elaborately Elegant

Ornate side tables are ideal for bringing even more flair and elaborate embellishment to French Provincial homes. Choose intricate shapes in light, elegant tones for a fabulous, future proof and ever so French home addition.

Clean And Classic

You can’t go wrong with a classic! The clean, simple lines of this classic side table will blend amazingly in so many different spaces. This is a brilliant choice if you’re feeling pretty unsure of the style direction that you plan on taking or if you have a contemporary home that’s calling for an uncomplicated, functional piece of furniture.

creative additions to sofa side tables

Creative Additions

Why not get a little creative with your choice of side table? The fun and playful vibe of this trunk is perfect for adding some romantic, eclectic personality to your living space. The clean neutral tone helps to refine the statement and make it more realistic for modern family homes.

You simply cannot go wrong with any of these sofa side tables! Remember to select a table that works with the aesthetic that you’ve already created (or that you plan on creating) in your home to ensure that your living room flows flawlessly. Start hunting for side tables to find your perfect fit, today!

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