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Best Patio Paving Designs Of 2020

Patio paving can make or break your garden design. As the weather gets warmer and we are setting into the summer months, we are all spending more time outdoors. All our attention changes from interior design projects to outdoor projects. The warmer months mean spending more time enjoying our gardens and sitting in the sunshine with friends and family. Maybe your garden needs some tender loving care and an up style to create the wow factor.

A great patio paving design can give your outdoor living space a complete transformation, not only by adding a personal touch to ensure it works for your lifestyle but also by making it more visually and aesthetically appealing. The best patio paving ideas depend on the shape and size of the space around your property. Here are some of the best patio paving designs of 2020.

Natural Stone Slab Paving

Natural stone slab paving is the ideal option if you are looking for that sleek, rugged, and clean look to your home. Large paving stones are a popular and common choice for paths and patios. They are frost resistant and durable once maintained on a regular basis. Natural stone will give that classic aesthetically pleasing look to your garden. The stone paving is available in various styles which include limestone, granite, sandstone, and slate.

The stones can be found in a geometric and sleek polished style or in more rugged textured cuts for a rustic natural appeal. It is a good option if you want to keep your outdoor space flowing with the elements. Paving stone slabs are also great for covering a large space more efficiently.


Granite is an attractive and durable option for your patio. It comes in various colours such as yellow, black, silver, and more. It is versatile and hard wearing and will suit any type of home. Although it is expensive, it will add an exceptional touch of class to your outdoor patio garden area.


Sandstone is a popular patio option to style up any outdoor home area. It comes in tonal variations but you are sure to find the right colour to enhance your home. Each slab will give that earthy look and feel. With sandstone, you can create a focal feature that is perfect for cottage and country gardens.

Mosaic Patio Creating An Abstract Surface

If you really want to impress your friends and family with your patio design, then look no further than designing your patio with mosaic tiles. Create something totally unique with the use of different shapes and sizes, it is all about using your imagination. Fill the mosaic tiles with some pebbles or set the mosaic in concrete to fill in the gaps. Square mosaics are one of the most impressive choices for landscape and patio designs. Combine floral and pattern mosaics with steppingstones to design one of the landscapes of the year. Plain and geometric designs are ideal for a pond or fountain outdoor area.

Patterned Paving Bricks

Brick paving is a great idea if you are looking for something that is easy to acquire and inexpensive. They are easy to install and are laid out over smooth ground. Bricks have been around for thousands of years and have become very popular for paths and patios. There are various brick patio pattern designs to choose from some include:

  • Herringbone
  • Basketweave
  • Pinwheel
  • Half-basketweave
  • Running bond
  • Grid
  • Jack-on-jack


Herringbone brick pattern is usually laid at a 45- or 90-degrees angle and requires patience and precision with measurements and laying the bricks. The bricklaying process generally starts in the middle.


Another popular brick patio choice is the basketweave. It looks like a woven basket once laid down.


The pinwheel is a great looking and very interesting pattern for any home patio. It is a geometric representation of a pinwheel. This brick pattern will work well with some specific styles of architecture features with detail. The pinwheel bond does require some brick cutting skills.


The half basketweave brick pattern is 2 vertical bricks butted together and laid in a horizontal or vertical placement.

Running Bond

The running bond brick pattern design is one of the most popular and frequently used for patios. It is easy to lay with some experience and planning.


The grid brick pattern consists of a basic vertical and horizontal grid pattern, with 2 bricks placed vertically and 2 placed horizontally. The same pattern and process are repeated throughout.


This brick pattern and design are more suitable for smaller areas. Some patterns may require accuracy and precise brick cutting. Your bond choice will also be influenced by whether you lay the bricks with open joints or closed joints butted together.

Cobblelock Patio Paving

Cobblelock paving is a classic look with many practical benefits. It is a popular, durable, versatile, and affordable block option for your driveway or garden. It is easily replaced if maintenance is required. The block paving provides a beautiful finish that will enhance the value and aesthetics of your property for many years to come. There are various colours, styles, and sizes available for you to choose from so there is something to suit every driveway or garden outdoor area.

Sandstone Paver Stone

Great garden patio paving’s are designed in a standard and simple pattern but why not add something unique to your garden décor like a stone dragonfly decorative feature. Paving sandstone is a great way to create a new look for your patio and outdoor space. Make your open space stand out and be the most talked about piece in your garden.

Create a fresh new look and feel to your home and something that you will feel comfortable maintaining for many years to come. Sandstone paving stones are perfect for both contemporary and traditional designs, they can be laid externally and internally enabling a natural transition from home to garden. They are suitable for the Irish climate and will give a natural appearance enhancing courtyard, patio, or path.

Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or contemporary style, with the right materials and paving options, you can create a beautiful outdoor area and increase the living space that is entirely unique and special to you and your property. There are so many different options to choose from but it is important to keep in mind whether your patio paving is durable, the style is right, and also if it can it be maintained.

Patio paving designs will completely impact the overall look and feel of your garden and outdoor area. You want something that is going to stand out and that you will feel comfortable maintaining for many years to come.

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