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Quick Bathroom Remodeling Tips And Tricks

Bathroom remodelings can be very frustrating. However, despite breaking the bank and stressing you out, they are incredibly rewarding. Of course, in order to get to the rewarding part you have to go through the steps the right way, otherwise, you’re just wasting money. And bathroom remodels are never just about changing the tiles or getting a new bathtub. In order to do them right, you have to consider other things like changing the plumping and windows replacement for home.

In order to help you spend your money wisely, we decided to write a short guide on remodeling. After all, any successful remodeling starts with a plan. You can only let your inner artist free when it comes to the actual decoration. When it comes to candles and vases and towels, you can go crazy and be spontaneous. However, when it comes to plumbing and windows and tiles, you really have to think things through. So take a look at this quick guide. If you follow the steps we proposed below you can rest assured that your bathroom remodeling will be a success story.

Quick Bathroom Remodeling Tips And Tricks

Step 1 – Pipes and Bathtubs

If you value your money you will start with an honest evaluation. This step is of paramount importance. Why? Because it is pointless to remodel your bathroom if there’s even the slightest risk of a flood. Also, this is where you realize how much money you need and how much money goes one direction or the other. So, start by evaluating the pipes and facilities. In most cases, they will require replacing. This can eat a huge chunk of your budget.

Start by checking the drains and faucets. See if there are any leaks. Replace old cartridges if needed. If you find gaps, use fresh caulk to seal them. Also, be sure to check the wax ring at the base of the toilet. Then, see if there’s any sign of leakage from pipes. There are pipes that are inside the walls, these may leak and produce mold.

Another thing that tends to get moldy is the bathroom window. Luckily, if you happen to live in Michigan you can get professional windows renewal by Andersen in Ann Arbor.

Step 2 – Preparing Your Budget

Usually, after a plumbing evaluation, most people realize that almost 40% of their budget will go into replacing the plumbing and removing the mold. However, the expensive part of a bathroom remodeling is only now coming. Yes, bathroom remodeling is expensive.

In order to prepare your budget and figure out how much everything costs, write down your expenses. Start by writing a list using the categories below:

  • plumbing & sanitary facilities replacement (if necessary)
  • door & windows replacement
  • wall & floor tiles
  • wall painting
  • bathroom furniture
  • decoration items

Step 3 – Making The Right Choices

Next, it’s time to choose the look of your bathroom. Luckily, there is an incredible variety of options to choose from. The variety is really impressive. Basically, even the most excentric taste can be satisfied. That’s how many options you have. However, there are a few things you should take into consideration before cashing out:

  1. Measure your bathroom: get your bathroom measurements right in order to avoid buying things that won’t fit. If the furniture, for example, is too big it will overcrowd the space.
  2. Style: it’s really wonderful that there are so many to choose from. There are quite a few people out there who do their bathrooms in a completely different style than the rest of the house. While it’s your bathroom and your money, this practice is frowned upon. Your bathroom needs to match the other rooms in your home. Why? Because it offers your house a pleasant continuity.

Step 4 –  A Great Bathroom Design

Provided you’ve successfully completed steps 1 through 3, it’s time to choose the actual design for your bathroom.

What you need to understand is that design isn’t completely about the aspect. Design is about the look and function. Making the two work together perfectly. Since the bathroom is basically a multiuse space with multiple functions, your job is to ensure that you make the most of it.

The bathroom isn’t just a place to brush our teeth and take a shower. It’s also a retreat for a lot of people. An intimate space where we spend quite a lot of time actually. For these reasons, the bathroom must also be aesthetically pleasing.

If you are like most people, you will have to do this step all by yourself. Hiring an interior designer is usually out of the question for the vast majority of people. Nevertheless, you can do a great job yourself. You need to do a little research about color matching and figuring out how to mix and match certain materials. Then, add that knowledge to what you had in mind for the bathroom design.

Step 5 – Be Practical

Baroque-inspired bathrooms are gorgeous. So are the minimalistic ones. One of the most attractive features of a minimalistic bathroom is that it looks spotless. In reality, spotless bathrooms are hard to maintain. You must always keep it clean and clutter-free. So, make sure your remodeling takes into consideration that you will actually use your bathroom.

In order to make your life easier and keep your bathroom looking clean, choose materials that are easy to clean and mold-resistant. This way, you can extend the period of time until your next remodeling.

As you can see, a successful bathroom remodeling isn’t that complicated. As long as you think things through and plan your budget accordingly, your remodel story should be a success!

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