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What To Take With You When You Visit The Tattoo Shop

It’s important that you visit the tattoo shop well equipped with everything you need to have a positive experience. Your goal is to leave the facility so pleased with the work they did on you that you desire to leave a positive review and tell your friends and relatives all about the shop. These are five things you need to take with you when you go to have your tattoo done:


One thing you will need to take with you to the tattoo shop is your identification. The participating shop will not be able to assist you if you cannot prove that you are old enough to receive a tattoo. You must be of the appropriate age to get one, and your license or state ID will reflect that. You can take your Social Security card with you if you want to have some additional proof of your identity. 


Make sure you’re ready to get a tattoo and that you’ve taken everything off your calendar. Be sure to bring a support person with you if you think you need one. A tattoo is something that you have to be highly courageous to get. Everyone’s pain level is different. Therefore, something that may have been painful for someone else may not be painful for you. The opposite may also be true. Take three or four deep breaths before you go, and remember that you are a trooper. You’ll make it through the procedure and then have a gorgeous tattoo to share with your friends. 

An Image of What You Want

Sometimes the tattoo artist is only as good as the way the client explains his or her vision. Even the most skilled tattoo artist in the world can’t help you if you do not give that individual the information he or she needs. You will need to explain what kind of tattoo you want that person to put on you in great detail. Take your time and explain it well. It will be much more beneficial if you have a picture of what you want the artist to recreate. Then all you’ll have to do is let the artist know if you want the tattoo drawn with vibrant colors or in black and grey tattoo style

Something to Distract You

It might be a wise idea to bring something that can cause a little bit of a distraction while you get your tattoo done. Maybe you can take with you a book to read. A book is something you can hold in your hand and can do so while staying relatively still so that you don’t cause the artist to move the wrong way. Reading a book will probably be more stable than watching videos on your mobile phone. 

Enough Money for the Job

Lastly, you will need the cash to pay for the work the tattoo artist does. Many shops take various forms of payment. Thus, you might opt to take a debit card or credit card with you as well. Make sure you put some money aside to offer a tip to the tattoo artist. Just as many other artists put time and effort into their projects, a tattoo artist does as well. Thus, you should offer that person a little extra cash if you believe in the art of tipping. Also, recommend the tattoo artist to your friends and family members who are thinking about getting a guitar for themselves. 

Your experience should go well if you take with you all the items mentioned above. It should go quickly and smoothly and be an experience you don’t mind sharing with other people. 

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