Types Of Bail Bonds Available To You

If you have ever watched a police drama on a theater screen or your television, you have probably seen judges declare that defendants could be set free on bail. It happens in almost every television drama to allow the defendant to get into further trouble, or to escape the police officers to allow a fugitive hunt. Of course, in reality, unlike television, things are more complicated. There is a lot more to the bail drama than the television lets on. Why? Because there are many types of bail bonds available to you, and each has different rules.

If you want to learn more about the types of bails available to you, then keep on reading this article! It will go through the main types of bail bonds in a short and concise manner.

Types Of Bail Bonds Available To You

Immigration Bond

This type of surety bond secures a person’s release when they have entered and been living in the US unlawfully. The immigration bond is a type of insurance contract that permits the defendant to leave the custody of the Department of Homeland Security. There is a contract that they won’t leave the country, and the illegal party will attend all required meetings with the court.

Basically, this bond, in simpler terms refers to money paid to secure a detained foreigner national’s release. This bail bond serves as a guarantee to the government. It means, that, once you are released from detention, you will attend mandatory immigration court hearings.

Felony Bond

Most jurisdictions frown on felony release, but there are areas that allow bonds for defendants, though the amounts for those felony bonds can be very costly. To be leased, the judge must find that the accused is not a threat of any type of the public, he or she has a clean record, and the offense did not physically hurt another person. Regular contact with a court officer is often a requirement.

Naturally, these types of bonds tend to go hand in hand with the accused’s money. Meaning, if the accused is very wealthy, the cost of the bail bond will be set very high, in order for it to sting.

Appeal Bond

After a trial, if the party is guilty, it can apply for an appeal bond. The bail bond is money held by the court during the appeal process. The appellant applies to the Perry County bail bonds company for the bond; just as he or she would any other type of bond. This bail amount often mirrors the original bail total set for the defendant during the trial.

PFA Bond

A court-issued protection from abuse order may have an associated bond while the accused is out of jail for over-stepping allowed limits of the order. This can include attempts by the accused to harm the protected party. This places the protected individual in reasonable fear of harm, abusing a minor, or bullying another person to the point he or she fears for their safety.

Life is much like the police dramas on television, but there are some differences. The next time you hear a television judge order a bail amount for an accused individual, you will know which of the bonds the defendant is being given. You can even let your friends know.

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