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Touch Dolls, Where Fashion Meets Flattering – For All Body Types

Many clothing brands nowadays seem to think all women have the exact same proportions – which is a completely unrealistic approach to fashion.

Touch Dolls is a Miami based company, and in Miami – 80% of the population is Latin and African American. Cyndi V., the owner of Touch Dolls – who for her whole life has struggled to find clothing that perfectly fits her body type, decided it was time to create a solution for the fashion industry.

“I always felt like clothing brands had unrealistic body types, especially for minority women like Hispanic and black,” Touch Dolls owner and founder Cyndi V. says. “Even the clothes I would buy always needed to be tailored.”

The company started off by designing dresses and night out outfits, but it quickly turned into a business that was creating much more than just that! They now design and manufacture everything from accessories, to a wide range of clothing, jewelry, bags, and even shoes.

The company has truly created astonishing success – as a family-owned company with incredible morals – it is fantastic to see such heights being reached.

All clothing is tailored to sculpt, contour, and flatter all body types – everyone should have access to clothing that makes them feel beautiful! Cyndi has made that a reality, and with only top quality materials being used to create these stunning pieces, you really cannot fault Touch Dolls.

Touch Dolls has also played a part in helping where they can with the global COVID-19 Pandemic, creating stylish, fun masks that not only look good – but protect us too.

The brand is being recognized worldwide through its items being worn on models and celebrities, for its impeccable quality, and most importantly – it’s inspiring morals.

Giving minority women safe and stable jobs and ensuring that women of all shapes feel beautiful – is Cyndi’s top priority.

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