3 Top Tips For Painless Office Relocation

Is your company planning to move offices soon? Moving can feel like a logistical pain in your personal life, let alone in your professional life. Between packing everything up, coordinating a timeline, and physically getting all of your belongings into a truck and then into your new location, commercial moves can feel like a behemoth of an undertaking. Fortunately, that’s where commercial relocation services can help make your move a little easier, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! You can simplify the company relocation by using these three top tips.

1. Plan All The Logistics With A Pro Ahead of Time

Early planning is absolutely the key to having a smooth move, and working with a professional to coordinate the timeline here can save you a lot of headaches. Plan all the logistics in as much detail as possible, and then make sure that anybody who’s going to be physically present on the day of the move is familiar with the schedule. Also, consider what you’ll do in case of unexpected events like bad weather. That way, you won’t be scrambling to figure out a plan on the day of.

2. Give Employees A Heads-Up And Move All Personal Items Out Early

The last thing you want during a commercial relocation is to leave your employees too little time to move their belongings out. As soon as the company move is officially confirmed, give your employees a heads-up and a deadline by which they need to have packed up any personal belongings. This helps ensure that nothing gets left behind when moving day comes around.

3. Change Your Address On Your Business Materials Soon After The Move

One aspect many companies may not think about until well after a move has occurred is that any business materials, like letterheads, personalized envelopes, stamps, and more that have the old address on them will need to be changed. You can avoid confusion by ordering these materials early and, even better, having them shipped directly to the new address so you can start using materials with the correct address on them right away!

Moving your company to a new address involves more than just clearing off desks and putting belongings into cardboard boxes – it requires complicated logistics and small changes like getting new business materials that may affect the company for months afterward. Thankfully, working with the pros and starting early can help you have a painless move. Remember these top tips the next time your company needs to relocate.

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