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Where To Get The Best Nordic Hair Styles

Have you ever wanted a Nordic hairstyle or to appreciate the culture of another country’s beauty regimen while traveling overseas? When you travel to the Nordic region, there are hair salons that can help give you that beautiful, modern Nordic hairstyle you’ve been wanting! These are some of the best salons in the Nordic region that can assist locals and tourists in getting the haircut of their dreams! These salons also have products to make your hair super healthy! Drop by one of these salons to experience their unique hairstyles and hair care products, and get a taste of Nordic style.

One thing to note, these salons are also located in central areas, so you can complete your tourist journey while also stopping at one of these salons. Call ahead if you’re planning a traveling itinerary so you can find a time that works for your schedule.

Kutt Frisør

Kutt Frisør has hair salons conveniently located in Fornebu S and Vinslottet! This Norwegian hair salon prides itself on offering a wide range of services, from hair styling to barbers and hair cutting services. They are located inside shopping malls in Fornebu S and Vinslottet, making it easy for you to stop by and get a haircut while completing your shopping trip! It’s also easy to schedule an appointment with one of their friendly stylists.

Want a cheetah pattern on your head to show the world you’re part of the punk scene? Kutt Frisør is known for handling just about any styling request. Their stylists are trained in cutting, coloring, and treating men’s and women’s hair. Kutt Frisør is the perfect salon to stop by for couples touring the Nordic region or for men and women that want to experience the best of Norwegian hair styling.

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By Jacobs

By Jacobs has a variety of locations throughout Stockholm, Sweden. These salons not only specialize in selling hair care products for coloring and treating your hair, but they also offer tons of haircare services to help you get ready for a night out on the town! You can book an appointment to get your hair cut, get your hair colored, or even for a blowout session. You also have the option to use international shipping! By Jacobs also has products you can buy online and use at home.

Imperial Salon

When taking a trip to Denmark, you’ll want to stop by the Imperial Salon in Copenhagen, Denmark! Imperial Salon is a well-established salon that provides various hair care and styling services for tourists and locals alike. Unlike other salons on this list, they only specialize in cutting men’s hair and beards. However, that’s good news for men desperately looking for a barber who can give them an excellent shape up and knows how to treat their hair.

Are you looking for some of the most modern and beautiful barber trends in the area? Imperial Salon can provide you with high-quality cuts to help your beard look the best it ever has, all while making sure you’re stylish during your stay in Denmark! Book a website ahead of time to ensure there’s enough time to sculpt and shape your beard properly.

Incognito Studio Copenhagen

Incognito Studio has what you need for hair and skin care for both men and women. They provide their clients with luxurious services, including blowouts, hair coloring, highlights, and regular cuts. They also offer a full line of skin care products and services, including relaxing facials, waxing, and eyebrow treatments, just to name a few!

If you want to prepare and look your best during your European tour, stop by and book your appointment beforehand.

Look Your Nordic Best

Kutt Frisør and the rest of the salons on this list provide high-quality haircare services and styling for tourists, locals, men, and women alike! Book your appointment today and visit their websites to view their portfolio and get a full list of services and pricing options! They are well worth the cost so you can look and feel your Nordic best.

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