5 Tips For Creating A Catchy Business Name

Starting a business is exciting. You have a great idea or a fantastic product to offer, and you want to launch it. Most business owners want their business to be around for many years to come. Therefore, it is essential to give the company a name that is easily remembered and has a ring to it that promises longevity. One way to take the pressure off coming up with the perfect name for your business is to use a name generator.

Naming With Namify

The name of your business is part of your brand and company message. It is the first thing someone will see or hear, so it should be exceptional. Coming up with a stylish business name can be tricky, especially if you attempt to generate and create it yourself.

However, finding a good and memorable one can be easily obtained at, which will generate a list of catchy business name ideas. You will receive a bulk of logically paired words and some amusing and creative word-fusions.

Choose The Perfect Brand Name

Once you have a list of several notable options, you need to scrutinize your favorites. It is imperative to follow these five essential tips before adopting and claiming the perfect company name.

1. It must be easy to pronounce and read. If people cannot figure out how to say it correctly, they certainly will not be able to spell it correctly. Avoid words that will make it hard for people to look you up.

2. It should not limit the scope of your business. Don’t limit yourself by naming your company after one of your products or services. You may expand to other areas, and you do not want the name to hold you back.

3. Say it out loud several times and have other people say it back to you. How does it sound? Does it command your attention, create intrigue, or does it sound boring? Having a catchy name can undoubtedly help with word-of-mouth advertising.

4. Do a thorough web search and check with the Secretary of State’s website to ensure that it is not already taken. You never want it to be too similar to another business name, which can get you into legal trouble. It needs to be unique and not easily confused with another business.

5. Is the domain name available? People will expect to type the company’s name followed by .com or .org. It is a logical conclusion to make. You do not want people landing on another site when they intended to arrive at yours. Therefore, once you have narrowed your favorites, check to see if the domains are available.

Bring The Name To Life

Once you have done your research and discovered that your chosen name is available, start to imagine the logo, the colors, and the messaging. You can move to more creative and fun aspects of building a brand, enveloping all you have to offer. If it is uncomplicated, easy to remember, and evokes positive emotions, then you know you have created a memorable name.

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