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4 Steps To Prepare For College Graduation

The end of your college career is fast approaching and you are about to step into the working world. This huge accomplishment should be celebrated but you have much to finish before you get to graduation day. Here are a few things to do before your last day of school arrives.

Pay Outstanding Bills

Stop by the business office and inquire if you have any outstanding charges on your bill. If you still owe the school money, they may hold onto your degree until it is settled. This would include library fines, parking tickets, or any charges involved with your graduation.

Be sure to do this a few weeks before your ceremony date so that your accounts are clear. When you go, take a form of payment like cash, check, or bank card to pay for anything outstanding. This is also a good time to make an appointment with the Financial Aid department to review your student loans.

Apply For Graduation

Talk to your advisor and discuss if you have enough credits to graduate. If you both agree that it is time, they will refer you on to fill out and submit your application for graduation. The information you provide to the school will allow them to complete your diploma correctly.

It also lets them know how to contact you when you need to order your cap and gown, if you want to order invitations, of any gatherings that might be happening, and where to mail your degree when the year is over. You should do this the semester before you complete college.

Look For Employment

With the degree you are earning, determine what job you would like to do after school. You might pick up a career guide to assist you in narrowing your choices down to your specialty. If you need additional help, many colleges have a place on campus where counselors can go over more career options with you.

They can introduce you to alumni who have job openings in their companies to see if you would be a good fit in their organization. If you need help with your resume, they can read it and make suggestions that will catch a future employer’s eye and get you the job that you want.

This is also the time to speak to the professors that you have worked closely with and ask if they would give you a reference. You will need these when you apply for work or if you decide to move on to graduate school to earn your master’s or doctorate degree.

Evaluate Your Social Media Accounts

Before you submit any applications for a job, take a moment to look at what you have posted to social media. Ask yourself if you would hire the person on the platform as you read the content there. If you find something that is questionable, delete it.

Employers today will search for your profiles on these websites to determine if you are the person that they want to hire. Having a post that might put you in the wrong light could mean you missing out on the position of your dreams.

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