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How You Can Give New Life To Old Compact Discs

They say everything old is new again, but sometimes a little intervention is necessary. You won’t need government contractor disc consulting, but you might need some household tools and a little imagination. Before you grab all those old CDs and throw them away, think of all the cool things you can do with them. Provided you’ve already converted all the info on those CDs to digital, you can start thinking about ways to repurpose them. Keep on reading this article to find out how you can give new life to old compact discs!

Here’s How You Can Give New Life To Old Compact Discs:

Mosaic Furniture

Anything that will take glue can be made glam with mosaics. Make a fabulous side table by breaking down CDs into smaller pieces and gluing them back together. If you feel your garden needs some bling, try covering a birdbath with shiny CD mosaics.

You could also glue this mosaic on a dress for Halloween, or turn an entire wall into a shiny mosaic. The only limit here is your patience and how much glue you’ve got.

CD Wreath

For an easy and eye-catching holiday wreath, glue CDs to a circular form like a basic wooden ring in your desired size. Lay the discs side-by-side onto the form and glue them down. Now do another layer on top of that one, centering the next layer over a seam of the two below. Simply add a bow and voila! You have a modern new wreath.

Candle Holders

If you are a lazy recycler, you can simply center a candle on the disc to catch drips. If you like to add a little pizzazz, try gluing some glitter or faux jewels around the edges. You can’t go wrong with this super simple craft idea.

Driveway Reflectors

Rather than buy reflectors to keep people on your pavement at night, why not use what you’ve got? Namely, very reflective compact discs that you no longer use. Attach them to wires, posts or trees along the driveway.

Bird Repellers

Keep those feathered fruit thieves away from your fruit trees. Birds won’t know what to think when you string shiny discs from trees. If they are uncertain whether it’s safe to land, they’ll go somewhere else.

This is a very green method of keeping away birds from orchards. Rather than using guns or poison to stop them from ruining your crops, you can hang CDs from tree branches. The birds will be scared away.

Ice Scraper

If you’ve ever tried to scrape ice from a windshield, you know it takes something strong. If you’ve ever tried to break a compact disc, you know that it fits the bill. Simply keep on in your trunk or glove compartment for those times you get caught out in the cold.


When you have a blank spot on a wall and just can’t find the right feature to hang there, try a mirror. Make it unique and glamorous by doing a disc mosaic for the frame. It will not only be one-of-a-kind, but it will bounce light all over the room.

Don’t let your old CDs gather dust. Using a little elbow grease, you can make art and solve some problems around the house. We hope this short article will prove inspiring enough. When it comes to old CDs, you should always think about what to do with them rather than simply throw them away.

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