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New Roof For Your House: Should You Get One?

Changing your roof is something a lot of homeowners dread. After all, it’s a pretty frustrating endeavor. Getting a new roof for your house is a time-consuming and money-eating process that will most likely leave you stressed. These are also the main reasons homeowners keep putting it off for so long.

In order to help you figure out if you really need to do this, we’ve prepared 3 questions for you. If you answer yes to any of them, you need to change your roof! Check them out below!

Answer the Questions Below To Figure Out If You Need A New Roof For Your House

1) Is your roof damaged?

People who live in different parts of the country live in different types of climates. For example, a home situated in a humid and salty area will need a new roof much sooner than a home situated in a dry area.

Regardless of the reason, if your roof is damaged (high winds, storms, etc.), you need to fix it. If the damage is small, you can patch the area up. If the damage is severe or involves the structure of the roof, you will have to change it entirely. Do this for the sake of your home and your own. A compromised roof structure can be disastrous when another storm comes.

2) Did you do a major home remodel recently?

More and more people are remodeling their homes. Most people feel like they should update their houses to make them look more modern and keep up with the times. Unfortunately, some of them stop when it comes to their roofs.

Truth be told, no complete remodel is finished without a new roof. This is especially true if you added skylights or dormers. These updates change the roofline. Your best bet against high winds, storms, and severe weather is a new roof.

3) Is Your Roof Worn Out?

While the warranty certificate claims up to 30 years, there are factors that can wear out your roof much sooner! Who cares if your roof still does its job if it looks ancient after 15 years?

A bad looking roof can make your house look dirty, unkempt, and can even lower its perceived value. This can be disastrous for homeowners who want to sell their home for a good price. Simply changing the roof can allow you to up the price considerably and make a profit out of this investment.

So there you have it. These were our questions for you. If you answered positively to any of them, you should get a new roof. However, before you start throwing money at contractors, make sure you study the market first.

Figure out what your maximum budget is, then start making phone calls. There are companies that can help you find out more about roofing in Lincoln Park MI. We only recommend you work with licensed ones. If your contractors are licensed and have the experience, then you have nothing to worry about. Things should definitely go smoothly.

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