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6 Kinds Of Underwear For Every Dude To Try

Women’s underwear seems to come in practically any shape you could dream of, but men’s underwear might seem pretty devoid of variety. Or is it? Although a quick glance at the selection in the male undergarment aisle may seem deceptively simple, a closer inspection reveals a few styles you may have never heard of. Here are a few to consider.

Pouch Underwear

Mens pouch underwear might sound like a handbag-meets-underwear situation — and that’s not too far off. This variation on the standard boxer brief includes more than meets the eye. Close-fitting knit shorts feature a pouch in the front that comfortably cradles the family jewels all day, offering more support, space, and breathability than typical boxer briefs. A great choice for all-day wear, lounging around the house, or whatever.

The Perfect Briefs

Gone are the days of whitey-tighties. Today’s briefs come in softer fabrics, cleaner cuts, and more fitted styles. Standard cotton offers comfort for everyday, while moisture-wicking sports styles help you keep your cool at the gym. Perfect for the modern guy keeping with the times, with a nod to classic styles proudly worn by even our great grandparents.

Gusseted Underwear

While boxer briefs might seem to be the best of both worlds in male underwear-land, the tighter fit might be just a little too constrictive for some dudes. Gusseted underwear includes a little extra fabric where it counts to keep you from singing soprano every time you have to bend or crouch. With this type of underwear design, guys can enjoy unrestricted movement no matter the demands their jobs or lives might throw at them. These are just right for dudes whose roles require a bit more mobility, or just those who enjoy some more space down-under.


The “jock” part of “boxerjock” might send your head whirling into bad memories of high school gym class, but this innovative underwear style is a far cry from the itchy elastic contraptions of years past. Somewhat of a cross between boxer briefs and biking shorts, boxerjock underwear features a snug fit and extra-long shorts length that keeps things high and tight, all while stopping chaffing in its tracks and wicking away excess moisture before you even notice it. Perfect for high-intensity workouts, sweaty jobs, or just muggy summer climates.


Trunks are boxer brief’s shorter (but not too short) counterpart. A trim cut results in a cleaner silhouette and a lighter feel while keeping with the classic look and feel of boxer briefs. Comfortable jersey knit fabric is soft and supple, with enough support to keep your boys in place and just the right amount of coverage to feel good under your favorite jeans. Though they may be less than ideal for workouts and hot environments, they’re still breathable enough for most purposes and typical wear.

Classic Boxer Shorts

It’s hard to go wrong with a basic pair of boxer shorts. With a little more freedom than briefs, boxer shorts allow for ample airflow and no restriction of movement. Depending on your other clothing choices, however, you might find boxer shorts feel a little bulkier under clothing and don’t provide as much support. On the other hand, this light, breezy style is great for situations demanding a little more comfort, like weekend relaxation or chill evenings — or for the guy who loves a little more comfort all day long.

Choosing dude’s underwear is a little more involved than it once was, but perhaps that’s for the better. Innovative styles and new twists on old favorites keep a man’s most valuable asset in perfect shape no matter the situations he must face.

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