Issues With Considering Used Powder Coating Sprayers

When considering a used powder coating gun for sale, there’s more than just the brand or appearance that goes into the evaluation. Too often people just look at the equipment name and assume that it will work just fine, without issue and without degradation of performance. However, the wear and tear on a piece of equipment from the powder coating process eventually wear down parts.

The result is a steady deterioration in function over time. So, when used equipment is purchased, you’re not going to get the premium performance out of it, even if you buy high quality used equipment like Wagner or similar. Instead, buying used equipment means accepting there are miles on those parts already, and the leftover life expectancy for good performance has decreased significantly by the time you apply your first spray with used parts.

The other problem with used equipment, if you are buying it privately or through online sources, is that the equipment may not be clean. Unfortunately, a small amount of used equipment tends to be stolen. And that can be seriously problematic.

Equipment tends to have serial numbers and can be traced. Engaging with private sales that turn out to be transacting used equipment can turn into a big mess, as well as a loss on both the use of the equipment as well as the money paid for it. The whole situation ends up being something that should be avoided altogether.

There’s a much better approach. Instead of getting a powder coat sprayer kit that has already given up half of its life, you can instead focus your effort and resources on a brand new sprayer that hasn’t even been used. The performance will be ideal, and the wear and tear will take thousands of applications before you start to realize a lowering in quality and application performance.

And you don’t need to break the bank acquiring a top-quality package. Instead of clunking around with equipment that already has problems and maintenance issues, your approach with a new kit works smoothly as expected and provides multiple sessions of powder coating without concern.

At the end of the day, what matters with your end product is the consistency, reliability, and finish of your product. You could try to save money with a used powder coater sprayer, but on the back end you may end up paying a lot more for a damaged or bad product that has to be redone. Go with high-quality new equipment upfront, and you both control and eliminate that problem before it ever happens in the first place. And instead, you can focus on delivery and growing your business versus fumbling with recovery.

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