Business Mogul Jake Nicks Talks On How To Grow As A Leader Through Service

There has always been dignity in servitude, but in today’s world where everybody is racing to become their own boss, this concept is all but lost. It is commendable to chase your dreams and seize control of your destiny, but there are certain steps that must be fulfilled to reach that stage in life.

I recently caught up with Jake Nicks; a highly-sought-after consultant and public speaker who has been recognized by several media outlets, including Yahoo! Finance. Jake is an exemplary model of a grass to grace story, going from homeless and broke to running a multimillion-dollar business within five years.

He has founded several businesses, from his early beginning working as a trashman to his multimillion landscape design and real estate ventures. His most recent innovation is 6:38 Solutions, a fintech system for Active Client Acquisition.

It is immediately obvious that Jake is one entrepreneur who understands the importance of servitude on the journey to fame and success. In the early days of his career, he got by primarily on the basis of how much value he was willing to give to people around him. 

“For me, my biggest life philosophy is that if you serve well, you’ll live well,” Jake asserts. Keeping this mantra in his heart was what gave him the ability to get through the hardest period of his life. At only 20 years old, Jake was evicted from his apartment when he could no longer make his rent. He spent the next seven months sleeping in his car and taking odd showers and naps in the locker room of the gym where he worked as a cleaner.

Despite the harsh circumstances, Jake resolved to keep a positive attitude and set about helping people live well as best as he could. 

“I’m a firm believer that the greatest of us is a servant. My main aim was to get out and help people meet their needs.” 

Jake’s first business was anything but flashy or cool. He founded, Trash Away LLC, a trash-clearing agency where he would help people haul their trash and clean their bins for a monthly fee. It was gritty, but it gave Jake the confidence to move onto something better. Soon, he got a headstart in landscape design and he hasn’t looked back since.

“I always say, you have to jump first, then you grow your wings on the way down. The first thing I did as an entrepreneur wasn’t glamorous. I did not want to be a trash man for the rest of my life but it was a start and that’s propelled me to something else.”

It was the right kind of push, and today Jake Nicks can stand tall in any room as a man that is worth his salt. He has become the no. 1 door-to-door salesman in the nation with over $30M in sales in one year. He splits his time between his businesses and fulfilling several speaking engagements and consulting/mentoring requests.

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