How Paul Mampilly Provides Investors With The Advice They Need To Score Big

If you want to grow rich in the stock market, you can benefit from advice from someone who has done it himself, such as Paul Mampilly. You can learn the key points of what he knows and consider his recommendations for stocks that may rise greatly in value.

Paul Mampilly’s Financial Expertise

Paul Mampilly held key positions on Wall Street and in international finance for more than 25 years. After leading big clients to huge profits, and after making a bundle in his personal investing, he “retired” at the age of 42.

But Mampilly’s idea of retiring is to share what he learned over the years and to share his current up-to-date information and tips — not with the big corporations but with the “Main Street Americans” who want to make money in the stock market. His goal is “to find stocks that go up and will make regular people rich.”

While it is hard for the average investor to identify companies that are on the verge of breakout growth, Mampilly is an expert at this, as you can see from these Paul Mampilly reviews. He has handled investment portfolios for Deutsche Bank, the Dutch bank ING, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and the hedge fund Kinetics Asset Management.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited

One way that Mampilly shares his expertise is via financial newsletters. His Profits Unlimited newsletter has over 130,000 subscribers. Whereas most of his publications are targeted at investors who have significant amounts of money to invest so as to take advantage of the picks and strategies he recommends, Profits Unlimited is priced so accessibly that it makes an excellent learning vehicle, even if you aren’t ready to invest yet.

He shares investment strategies that have paid off regardless of how poorly the market may be doing. The methods he writes about in his newsletter are the same ones he used to create his personal fortune.

In Profits Unlimited, Mampilly offers versions of his investment strategies that appeal to the range of investors, from beginners to pros. He doesn’t want you to engage in excessive risk unless you want to, so he focuses on large, well-funded, stable companies that are poised to make a splash with innovative products or technologies.

He picks companies at the forefront of “mega trends” — emerging technologies that will completely change the way people live and which may generate huge profits as a result. An example is his investment in Netflix before it was big and in companies that are on the cusp of solutions to disease-related problems.

Mampilly’s model portfolio shows you the stocks on his “buy” list and explains when, how, and how much to buy and when to sell. Every week he updates the information with relevant news of companies, market trends, and forecasts. Each month, you get a detailed look at a new stock that he and his assistants are researching. Just watching how the analysis is done is an education in itself.

Paul Mampilly on IPOs

In addition to Profits Unlimited, Mampilly offers a stock advisory service in the form of a financial newsletter called IPO Speculator. The idea is to make the kinds of IPO profits insiders make.

Many of the best IPOs get little or no media attention since they aren’t “sexy.” Mampilly’s service gives you the inside track on new technologies that may revolutionize the medical, robotics, or computing fields, for instance. In addition to identifying the hot prospects, Mampilly also shares the information you need to get in on the company’s potential for maximum profit — this might be several months before or after the IPO itself.

All of Paul Mampilly’s publications are designed to educate investors, sharing the knowledge he acquired as a Wall Street insider and investment star. If you’re thinking about getting rich in the stock market, he is an excellent voice to listen to.

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