A Quick Guide To Access The Most Awaited Sports Events Happening In Australia

Australia is a sports-loving country and is known for some of the great sporting events. With a landscape to some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, to football grounds, it is hard to not become wrapped up in all the different events and become a sports fanatic. Comprising some of the great sporting teams with a competitive nature, Australia is a place where the majority of international matches and tournaments cannot escape the sporting atmosphere.

The sporting vibe in Australia plays a huge part in Australian culture and you get to enjoy an incredible calendar of sporting events around the year. Obtaining tickets for the most awaited sports event in Australia is uniquely complicated compared to other places. But there are several options with which you can plan to attend by getting the tickets of those sporting events. They are –

  • Buying through the club website in which you need to have an official club membership to purchase the tickets. They are released in the main sales usually at the start of the season.
  • Get yourself included in a supporter’s club and get access to a handful of tickets to each home match throughout the season.
  • Contact your local supporters’ club to find out if they get matchday access and make sure that the club is official and recognized by the committee.
  • Can purchase sporting event tickets through hospitality packages which are generally more expensive than other official options. They’re more expensive but are approved official tickets.
  • Lastly can look out for all type of sporting events tickets offered at some great platforms to avoid some of the pitfalls of fraud listers.

To get quick access to the most awaited sports happening in Australia firstly you need to know the basics of when are these sports events organized. Or else it can make it difficult to attend any sporting event without prior planning.

  • During the Summer from December – February its quite warmer in Australia and you get to see a variety of sports at the forefront. Witness a Domain Test Series during this period, and after the Christmas flock to Sydney Harbor to watch the beginning of the spectacular Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Golf lovers can love to watch their Presidents Cup at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Then between the mid of January, one can join the biggest sporting event of Tennis the Australian Open. And at the end of February, one can gear up for another cricket event where Australia is the host for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.
  • The Autumn from March to May has the country arrange for the biggest event for V8 Supercars with Australian Grand Prix taking all over. Even during these months, you will get to enjoy some of the water edge sports like World surfing championships held near beaches of Victoria and Western Australia.
  • During the beginning of winter season from June to August, you will get to enjoy some of the pot boiling races of rugby, Australian Football, and some Marathon tournaments. There are also some quirky races like camel races that keep the tourists open for some fun.
  • By the spring season from September to November Australia organizes some of the best sporting events in the country. Most of the sports-crazy fans lookout for the Australian Rules Football AFL Grand Final and also the Rugby league’s NRL Grand Final which is held during these months. Even the motorsports fanatics are not left behind and get to see the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix and the most famous spring carnival for which thousands of people come from all over the world to view this spectacle. So, plan your trip early and get to see numerous sports events happening in Australia in 2020.
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