5 Best Things To Do In Adelaide Now

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is a sophisticated, vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage, and plenty of attractions. In fact, there are so many fun things to do in Adelaide, you’ll have the time of your life! Fun fact, South Australia was actually the only convict-free colony on the entire continent. That’s because it was established as a free settlement and populated with voluntary immigrants.

This beautiful and vibrant Australian city is also known as the City of Churches. This is due to a large number of churches that are present in the city. Their intricate architecture is a fascinating insight into the city’s history. At present, Adelaide boasts delicious and multicultural restaurants, a thriving bar culture and excellent shops where you can buy all sorts of things!

If photography or taking selfies is a passion of yours, Adelaide won’t disappoint! This city is a wonderful spot for gorgeous scenery. It has a lot of beautiful grees spaces within the city, as well as an abundance of natural beauty just outside of town.  So if you’re planning a trip to South Australia, make sure to visit Adelaide. Check out the top 5 things to do in Adelaide below!

Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Adelaide

Adelaide Oval: A Great Tourist Attraction

The Adelaide Oval is considered one of the most beautiful ovals in the world. It’s a great attraction for people who love sports as well as for people who don’t. That’s because it’s one of the most picturesque sports stadiums in the world. This is bound to be pleasant on the eyes as well as fascinating to anyone!

Whether you’re a fan of football or cricket, you cannot miss this tourist attraction! Make the most of your trip to Adelaide and climb the roof of the oval. Rest assured that you’ll enjoy views of Adelaide and the city’s surroundings up on the roof that you can’t get anywhere else. Almost everyone that climbs the oval says that it was a breath-taking experience! We recommend you climb at twilight or dawn and watch the sunset or sunrise. It is spectacular, especially on a clear day.

Rundle Mall: An Iconic Place To Visit

Adelaide’s iconic mall is another place you must visit. It’s basically a must-see for many reasons. First of all, being a shopping mall there’s plenty of shopping to be done.  Rundle Mall is the premier shopping destination and meeting place in Adelaide. With over 100 retail stores and services, it’s a place where you can expect to find almost everything. But shopping is not what makes this place stand out. The Rundle Mall is full of history.

It was actually the first mall in Australia to have its main street fully pedestrianized, so shoppers could walk along uninterrupted. The buildings within the mall showcase the history of Adelaide and the two unmissable, silver balls bring contemporary style to life!

Barossa Valley: Have A Glass Of Wine

One of the more laid-back yet fun activities you can engage in while visiting Adelaide is wine-tasting. And where better to do that than in the world-famous Barossa Valley. The Barossa Valley is just a short drive out of the CBD, but it feels as far from busy city life as you can get.

The valley is full of wineries that are open to the public most days so chances are you’ll be able to visit virtually anytime. Everything in the Barossa Valley is a bit calmer and more relaxed, which can make your wine-tasting experience truly liberating. If you enjoy sitting down with a glass of wine and some cheese, the Barossa is a must-see tourist attraction. Walk through the wineries’ cellar doors and try some of the local wines to get a taste of the true South Australia lifestyle.

Murray River: An Iconic Body Of Water

The Murray River is an iconic body of water and Australia’s longest river, at 2.508km in length. It’s such a spectacular natural attraction that you can join a cruise and explore it. The flora and fauna interact in a breath-taking way, creating exquisite sights that will stay etched in your memory forever. You also get to see impressive trees sprouting up sheer cliffs – a sight that you don’t get to see every day! So make sure to join a cruise and float along the waters of the Murray River for an afternoon, a whole day, or even a few nights!

The Botanic Gardens: A Must-See For Plant Lovers

A walk through the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is a must for plant lovers. It is an experience unlike any other! Walking through the gardens is like stepping into another world. It feel like stepping from the busy CBD directly into the very serenity of nature.

You can take pictures, enjoy exotic plants and foliage as well as relax for a picnic under the shade of a tree. Furthermore, you get to discover some local plants that are being preserved in the gardens as well as international plants, thriving in the Australian atmosphere.

So there you have it, our top 5 fun things to do in Adelaide, South Australia. We hope this article was informative enough for anyone who wishes to visit this iconic, vibrant city. With such a rich history, spectacular tourist attractions and exquisite cuisine, Adelaide is a must-see destination for anyone!

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