Moshe Reuven On Building An Iconic Brand

Moshe ReuvenMoshe Reuven Sheradsky is a serial entrepreneur, artist, & abutting Rabbi in his mid-twenties. At a young age he finds himself with quite an impressive brand as an influencer with a massive audience. Given that today there’s so much attention on how a brand can be fashioned, I thought it would be useful to catch up with him and hear his thoughts on the subject of building an iconic brand.

Q: Moshe, over the span of your career, you have had several notable entrepreneurial successes. You have spearheaded several multi-million-dollar startup companies, including Wedu, you’ve built your own companies and it seems that everything you touch turns to gold. You, more than anyone else, would understand what it takes to make a business successful and the importance of branding to the process.

On your social media, you have over one million followers and as an influencer, you have found a way to connect with people and keep them motivated to stay focused on their goals and make their own way as entrepreneurs or with developing their brand. What is some advice that you would give to persons who want to start a brand?

A: Before you start thinking about building an iconic brand, you must have a clear understanding of what branding really is. A brand is essentially who you are. Design and packaging that you put on your products and services are not your brand, they help to present you or your company is a particular way but your brand is about what you value and stand for.

Understanding yourself and what you are about is therefore essential to ensure that your branding is in line with what you value, otherwise you will be focused on the packaging that isn’t you.

Q: I can definitely notice the personal connection in your brand and what you represent. I consider you to be diversely multifaceted. You have a deep connection to Judaism and are open about discussing your Rabbinic Studies.

I can see that you are artistic but at the same time, a seriously successful entrepreneur with a stellar track record in business. How would you advise people to include the essence of who they are, in their own process of building an iconic brand, especially when they have varying things they are interested and involved in?

A: Well, I actually spoke to author Seth Godin on this exact topic and he said something I really liked. He said “people don’t need to know that you are excellent at knitting”. I don’t know how to knit but I see the point he was trying to make which is that there are things you should be known for, that are a part of you and there are some things that just aren’t you. For me, there are certain things that are the core of who I am.

There are my Rabbinic Studies and there is my talent as a musical artist. I have been creating new music which I will be releasing soon. At the same time, it is also important that people know that I am an entrepreneur. People want to do business with me because of these things that I am known for. Fortunately, nowadays, people don’t have to be boxed in or be afraid to be themselves. We are living in interesting, dynamic, and revolutionary times.

We have the freedom to openly express who you are to the world and people will celebrate it. With how the world works today, with the help of technology, you can be involved in multiple ventures and in varying industries. You can do business while indulging in your talents and interests without contradiction, one can elevate the other.

Q: Where do you see your brands going in the next decade?

A: I think things will become more organic. The world is a different place and we will be onto new and exciting horizons. We will see real progress in people and companies becoming more in tune with the soul of who they are. I think when this eventually happens, things will become very interesting.

Q: Building an iconic brand at such a young age… How have you managed to accomplish this?

A: I have always attributed anything I do well first to God. My opportunities, which I am very thankful for, are ordained by a higher source. God gives us tons of gifts, blessings, and opportunities, along with the knowledge and ability to capitalize on them. That’s my first answer to your question and it is the ultimate truth.

As far as advice I would give to others, I would say humility can open many doors for young people. You must have the humility to take on what comes your way and do it well. Everything I’ve done until now, has been a steppingstone, even the difficult situations have been building blocks leading me to where I am today.

Q: Do you have haters? People who seem do dislike you or everything you are about?

A: Someone once told me that if you have haters, you must be doing something right. I take it with a grain of salt. I don’t encourage anyone to go around intentionally upsetting or hating what people do. I’ve often seen that when you do well, you attract haters and people will thrive on seeing you fail. I advise people to be cautious about who they trust. They should keep their distance from people who they know do not wish them well.

While you cannot live your life to suit others or trying to make everyone comfortable, you should still be mindful of the intentions people have for you. Don’t hold yourself back because of how people will react. Instead, focus on the people who are healthy for your life and those who celebrate your wins with you.

In business, you have the upper hand. You gain advantage from a relationship and people will try to take that away or try to sabotage what you have going on, to benefit themselves. In business and also in life, when you are doing major things, you will receive hate sometimes.

I have learned to appreciate it, and take it that I am doing something well and it bothers some people. I feel bad for them and I pray that they find their way in life.

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