Benefits Of Promotional Videos For Your Business

In the digital and fast-paced world, we live in, it is crucial to find unique and new ways to make your service or product stand out from the rest of your competitors. In marketing, it is all about the 5 p’s, price, people, product, place, and promotion. Promotion determines the best tactics and tools to reach your target audience. Video marketing is proving to be an effective and powerful part of the marketing strategy. Promotional videos give your business the chance to explain what your business is about. Here are some of the main benefits of promotional videos for your business.

What Is A Promotional Video?

A promotional video is a marketing advertisement that is created to promote your products or services to potential customers. The video should be no longer than 10 to 15 minutes in length and should capture your potential customer’s attention from the get-go. A video can be advertised on the tv, online, posted on your website, posted on YouTube, and many other ways.

There are many types of promotional videos these include explainer videos, event videos, video ads, product demo videos, testimonial videos, FAQs videos, and much more. A great example of a stunning promotional video for your inspiration comes from Tech Tiles. Their recent promotional video is advertising their wood effect tiles. The video promotes their fabulous range of wood effect tiles with some classic, contemporary, and traditional styles to choose from.

Improve Your SEO Through A Promotional Video

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for 1.65 billion. The SEO techniques applied to YouTube and a websit4e are very similar. Target keywords and calls of action are all helpful and work well with videos on YouTube. All these principles should be applied to your promotional video. The YouTube embed function can be utilized to add your promo videos to your website.

Google likes websites that include video as this gives the user a better experience. The visitors will stay on your site a lot longer. Your rankings will see a lot of positivity long term. With a video on YouTube as well as your site, your visibility will greatly increase.

Video Can Help Increase Conversions

A promotional video is seen as a great investment. Conversion rates can increase by 80% with the video featuring on a landing page. Video users have 34% higher web conversions and 24% higher click-through rates. Watching a video can influence a buyer’s decision and convert it into a lead. A video is a powerful selling tool once you convey the right emotions. Research has shown that 74% of users who watched a promo video have bought a product on the same day. Videos are very effective once applied the right way.

Increases Brand Awareness

People need to know who you are and understand what your business is all about. Your business needs to stand out from the rest of your competition and position itself in front. A video will promote your business, you will become more visible and exposed to potential customers online. You can build trust with your audience through video.

A general explainer video is a great way to help audiences understand what you are offering and your value. Your video content should get your message across to communicate with specific people and raising your brand awareness.

Video Can Build Credibility And Trust

Building trust is a great foundation for conversions and sales. A promo video can create a personality for your brand and business. This will enable you to connect and earn the viewer’s trust. 90% of users say that their decision process was made a lot easier through a product video.

The more videos you have will help inform or educate the consumer, the more they will trust your brand. Promotional videos are engaging and can ignite emotions. Some consumers can be skeptical when buying products online but an effective video will give the customer more confidence in your business and brand.

Create Website Content And Social Media At Once

Promotional videos are a very flexible way for promoting your business. They are far cheaper than a tv commercial online. You can use the video on social media, embed them on your website, and direct your mailing list subscribers to the page. You can share your videos across all social media platforms and reach your audience at different times of the day.

Social media viewing offers a lot of benefits since videos on Facebook enjoy 135% more organic reach than images. People love sharing videos on social media. 92% of mobile video consumers will share videos with their followers and friends. The more fun and entertaining the videos are, they will encourage people to share with their friends through a platform. It will also create a good buzz about your business and help drive traffic to your site.

Videos Can Help Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is letting you know that you are making a bad impression with visitors to your site. A video can grab a person’s attention when they are on your site, and it will help them understand your business. Your video should be engaging, informative, and unique that will keep a person interested and will watch it till the very end.

How To Make A Great Promotional Video

  • Great promo videos are engaging and fun.
  • They are generally short in length 60 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • Promotional videos should always be of high quality. They can be affordable but should never have spelling mistakes and rough cuts.
  • Promo videos are located on landing pages, always at the top of the page, products pages, and relevant pages.

Videos are a great face for your business and brand. They are quick to repurpose, easy to share, and quick to consume. Any video created can last for years and will help gain more exposure over time. It is becoming more popular and affordable to the public. It is so important to use only high-quality videos with the help of a professional production company.

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