Quail Eggs – How Healthy Are They Really?

Recently, nutritionists and health magazines finally gave in to the quail egg craze. You can see them anywhere from social media posts to menus in high-end restaurants. Indeed, no matter where you look these delicious eggs are shoved down our throats. In fact, they are getting so much publicity that oftentimes it feels the world has gone crazy over them. But do they live up to the hype?

Short answer: Yes! They can boost your energy, stimulate tissue repair, soothe allergies, and even help us lose weight. That’s a lot of power for something so small!

Because of their size, people tend to eat a lot of them at a time. Basically, 1 chicken egg equals 4 quail eggs. So, keeping this ratio is useful if you want to fill your stomach. Nevertheless, despite their small size, they’re full of nutrients. So make sure to learn how to cook them and add them to your diet if you want to reap all the benefits!

Health Benefits Of Quail Eggs

There’s a reason why nutritionists, healthy-eating magazines, high-end restaurants, and cookbook authors are in love with quail eggs. They really are a superfood! It’s not just a marketing scheme. If you want to learn why you should add quail eggs to your diet, check out the benefits below!

They Elevate Your Good Cholesterol

While the conversation surrounding these eggs is more than positive, there are a few voices out there that aren’t convinced. Since chicken eggs aren’t recommended for people with high cholesterol issues, it makes sense the same would apply for quail eggs. Especially since the yolk-to-white ratio is higher in this situation.

To set this straight, quail eggs are good for you, even if you have cholesterol issues. What these eggs manage to do is lower your LDL levels (bad cholesterol) and elevate the HDL ( good cholesterol). Just don’t overdo it!

Muscle & Tissue Repair

If you live an active lifestyle, then adding a couple of these little gems to your post-workout shake can really help you recover! These eggs are high in protein – the building block of muscle and tissue.

By supplementing your diet with these eggs, you increase your protein intake and healthy fats. Combined, they help form new muscle tissue, repair cells, and fortify blood vessels.

Help With Weight Loss

The key to staying in shape is having a good metabolism and eating healthy. However, eating healthy isn’t always enough, if your metabolism isn’t on the same page.

A healthy metabolism is essential, as it can affect your ability to lose weight or gain weight. Fortunately, if you’re one of the many people out there who struggle losing weight, quail eggs are the answer. What they do is increase the metabolism, which, in turn, help you burn more fat.

Allergy Relief

Allergies are a sign of either an intolerance towards something or an overactive immune system. Dust, pollen, and certain foods can trigger an allergic response. Especially during allergy season. Even chicken eggs are allergenic! Luckily, quail eggs are hypoallergenic.

They have high levels of ovomucoid, a type of protein that helps the body fights allergies, as well as soothe them. Therefore, eating quail eggs regularly will help tone down your allergies. Funny fact, ovomucoid is one of the ingredients found in anti-allergy medication!

Energy Boost

Tiredness has become almost our default state in our overworked, overpolluted society. Despite our best efforts to live an active, healthy lifestyle, we still struggle with feeling depleted of energy.

The fix, besides a nice vacation, is proper nutrition. By adding quail eggs to your diet you will feel more energized and ready to live your best life. Thanks to the multitude of vitamins and minerals, quail eggs literally rejuvenate your system, giving you a much-needed energy boost!

Sharper Mind

High in amino acids, quail eggs nourish the central nervous system, namely the brain. Just like they can improve your eyesight, these delicious eggs boost brain agility and function. They also improve memory and cognition, helping you stay sharp all day long!

Prevent Chronic Disease

Being rich in antioxidants, quail eggs lower your risk of developing chronic disease. This is very important since this type of disease cannot be cured, only managed through medication.

Antioxidants fight oxidative stress, meaning your cells can stay healthy and young for a longer period of time. Eating more antioxidants also helps fight inflammation in the body, which is generally the main culprit for the onset of chronic disease.

While the health benefits of quail eggs don’t end here, we feel like we’ve made our point. Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs truly are a superfood. From anti-inflammatory properties to burning fat and building muscle, there’s no shortage of benefits to eating them. In other words, they really do live up to the hype!

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