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How To Choose A Car For A Teenage Driver

For most teenagers, the dream is to get their driver’s license and get behind the wheel of a car that’s all their own. For most parents, their dream is to ensure their new driver has something safe and reliable without sacrificing the styles their teenager prefers. There are several things to consider when choosing a car for a new driver.

Research The Safety Features

Safety is of the utmost importance when your new driver is taking to the roads alone for the first time. To start, avoid cars that are sporty in style, which may encourage young drivers to speed or otherwise try to test the vehicle’s performance. It’s also a good idea to avoid pickup trucks or SUVs, which are more likely to roll over if your teenager is in an accident.

The best choices when searching for a new Jeep, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge for sale is to stick to mid- or full-size options that provide weight and crash protection as well as have extra safety features. Consider features such as anti-lock braking systems and rear cameras.

Think About The Cost Of The Car

When it comes to purchasing a new car for your teenager, the cost is more than just the sticker price. Other things factor in as well. Most importantly, you’ll need to insure the car. Young, inexperienced drivers are often more expensive to insure. However, as they begin to prove they are a safe driver, they could receive discounts on their insurance.

Additionally, many insurance companies provide discounts for teenagers who get good grades. Other things to consider when calculating the price of a new car are how much it will be to fill the gas tank, what you’ll need to pay for maintenance, and what kind of fees there will be when driving the car off the lot.

Look Into The Car’s Reliability

Chances are between going to school, participating in extracurricular activities, and spending time with friends, your teenager will be behind the wheel quite often. Naturally, you want them to drive a car that is reliable and won’t leave them stranded on the side of the road. Some things to consider when determining reliability are whether the car comes with a warranty (and how robust it is) if it’s ever been in an accident or received water damage, and how many miles it has on it.

Check with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall website to ensure the model has never been recalled.

Put Effort Into Appearance

You want something safe and reliable. Your teen wants something that helps them show off their personal style. Take your teenager with you when shopping for cars to help them choose something that has everything you need and everything they want. Remember also, you can always jazz it up with fun accessories.

A Final Word

Learning how to drive and getting your first car is an exciting time for your teenager and parents when you use these tips for choosing the right car for your new driver.

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