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End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London – Getting Your Security Deposit Back

As a tenant, moving can be a major operation and back-breaking work. There are two main elements to moving; packing and unpacking and cleaning of the vacated property so you can get your deposit back. What is expected of most tenants is that the home is left in the condition in which it was received, so when you are leaving a property, it is recommended that you have a deep cleaning done. If you are about to end a tenancy and preparing to move, here are some tips on doing an end of tenancy cleaning done in London.

End of tenancy cleaning, simply put, is deep cleaning a rental property, when you have moved out. You can hire a company to do the cleaning for you or you can do it yourself. If you are someone who enjoys DIY projects or want to save money and don’t know where to start, here are some basic tips that will help you with your cleaning project.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning: Make A Checklist First

As with any major project, always begin with making a list or an action plan for the job. Your cleaning action plan should consist of an inventory list and a to-do checklist. The inventory list outlines all the items in your house or apartment, including furniture, appliances, and the conditions of different areas in the home. These are all the items that came with the home when you moved in and are the property of the landlord. Your to-do list will outline all the rooms in the property and all relevant areas to be cleaned or where things need to be repaired.

The inventory list will provide evidence, should you need it, of the condition of the home when you left it. You can ask your landlord to provide this or you can do it yourself. In London courts, approximately half of the end of tenancy disputes are about discrepancies in the percentage of security deposits to be returned. This will often rule in the landlord’s favor when tenants hand over properties with damaged items or in an unclean state. Also, oftentimes, they do not have sufficient evidence to prove that the damage or uncleanliness was not their doing.

The cleaning checklist will help you to estimate how much time you will need to clean and what cleaning products to buy. End of tenancy cleaning can be very time consuming, so ensure that you allocate ample enough time to get the deep cleaning done. The list will keep you on track, ensuring that you did not miss any spots and that your standards were maintained.

Cleaning & Repairs

After you have organized your plan, the next thing you should do is repair any damage to the house that you have caused. If anything is missing, get it replaced. If you need to repaint the walls, get it done first, however, if fresh coats of paint are not in your budget, get your cleaning products and start scrubbing the walls. If the place is furnished, you should have the sofa, chairs and carpets deep cleaned, have wooden surfaces polished and shined, removing scratched and scuff marks.

Get rid of all clutter, clean grout in tiles where applicable. Give all appliances, especially the refrigerator and stove, a thorough deep clean. Do not leave anything for your landlord to replace, as you have no control over the cost and may end up paying more than you expected. Considering all the preparations to be done before you move out, ensure that you give yourself enough time to get it all completed, so you are not rushing and miss important details.

You Decide What Benefits You Most

The benefit of getting end of tenancy cleaning in London, done by professionals, is that they specialize in this type of cleaning and know what it takes to pass an inspection. They can save you time and hassle. However, if you have a keen eye for detail and want to save some money on moving expenses, you can get it done just as well. You get the added peace of mind that the place has been cleaned to your required standard and the property has been restored to its former spotless condition.

Before you move into your new place, take photos of every room, to capture the condition of the home prior to you moving in. When and if you move out of that place, you will have something to compare the before and after conditions. Congratulations! You are now a pro at rental property deep cleaning.

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