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5 Garden Wall Designs For Your Home

Every home enthusiast knows that a real garden isn’t just about planting flowers. It is about the creative design, garden features, and how to use every inch of the outdoor area. Garden walls are a beautiful way of creating levelled effects, bringing a focal point to an area, and partitioning space. From small and quaint, to tall and towering, homeowners have a long love for structures that separate or surround gardens.

Your garden is an extension of your living space, it is a place you call your own and style as you would like it. A garden wall makes for a stunning landscape piece for your home garden. Here, we explore 5 garden wall designs for your home.

Natural Sandstone Walling

Natural sandstone walling is the ideal complement to natural stone paving. Sandstone is commonly used in many gardens, architecture, and buildings. When used in garden designs it offers softness and texture to your garden along with a unique and creative wall design. Sandstone walling is a versatile material and can be used effectively in traditional and contemporary styled gardens. It is a long-lasting material and an ideal choice for building a wall. It works well as a boundary for privacy and a front garden statement piece. Freestanding walls will add detail and warmth to a garden.

Sandstone natural walling for gardens can be broken up and placed in a more mosaic style or laid in a regular pattern with more traditional mortar joints. Mood lighting and plants coupled with a sandstone wall will give your home that nostalgic touch that is ideal for special events and summer get together with friends and family. There are so many colors, finishes, and products available. It really is personal preference, and the choices are endless. Sandstone is a natural product, making it 100% unique for any home garden design.

Curved Retaining Walls

A curved wall will add a subtle element of interest to an outdoor garden. It can provide a framework for adventurous planting or a cozy sit-down area for a private chat. Once the wall is positioned carefully, it will work well as a windbreak for areas and homes with less shelter. A curved wall is ideal for homes with rectangular and flat gardens adding that something unique and special. Retaining curved walls are attractive and functional working with every home and outdoor garden. A curved wall will be a beautiful addition to any landscape. They offer seamless strength that you don’t see with many other wall applications.

Curved retaining walls are ideally used when building flowing gardens and raised patios. They can also be used with creating a water feature in your garden. Curves soften stairways and entryways and are a great way to add spirit and dimension to long straight walls. Many curved walls are simple to build as some require no cutting at all. Once you start planning your project, you must decide whether you would like outside or inside curves or both combined. The curve option you choose should suit your overall style and fit your landscape.

Cut Stone Congruent Mosaic Wall

Cut stone and mosaic walls will make a great combination for your outdoor garden area. One is a vintage feel and another is a design pattern of stone laying. The vintage-feel cut stone combines embossing textures and restrained colors. The stones are in a congruent shape and will create a mosaic effect when placed in a set symmetry.

Mosaic is a great and unique way of adding color and style to your home. They will look beautiful as a wall feature glittering under the sun rays outdoors. A stone wall not only looks great but is very functional. Cut stone gives you a great opportunity to incorporate different types of stone to suit your specific needs and style.

Precast Walls

Precast concrete wall systems offer a wide range of textures, shapes, colors, and finishes. It is thought that the precast concrete industry began in Ancient Rome. The underground tunnels existing today indicate precast materials being present. Precast concrete is created using a mold off-site and then transported to the site.

The process is safer, faster, and more competitively priced. Precast is very popular in urban areas and used in home gardens as a noise barrier. There are many benefits to precast walling systems for your garden which are recommended by Verti-Crete Precast Walls Cork, these include:

  • Versatility – a concrete wall can be built with curves and angles to create almost any shape. This concrete can be shaped to include the texture, size, and colors you want.
  • Efficiency – efficiency comes as a result of the controlled manufacturing environment. The precast material allows for a quicker construction process. The material is made in advance and placed at the site when it is needed.
  • Durability – precast concrete can withstand any element and last for years with no maintenance at all. The panels are steel reinforced.
  • Controlled Environment – the concrete is produced in an environment that is controlled, which will eliminate and resist the outside variables such as the weather, production timeline, or the quality of the product.

3D textured Wall With lighting Features

Bring an industrial feel yet playful finish to your outdoor space with a textured wall and warm lighting features. Perfect as a statement piece, a 3-dimensional surface can add warmth and a touch of pattern without being over the top. There are many ways to achieve this look, 3D exterior wall cladding or a bespoke design in cast concrete blocks. This whole wall design can be finished with some outdoor lights to bring the design to a whole new level. 3D textured walls are effortless, simple, and can transform a space into an individual piece of art.

Styling an outdoor garden area is about creating dimension and depth with the use of vertical elements too. Make a 3D wall stand out and make it more practical by adding warm LED lights to the structure. They will create ambiance and light up your path home at nighttime. Well-chosen lighting can transform a walling space into something very intriguing and romantic. Whether you install colored neon lights to make a statement, bathe the space with soft warm glowing lights, or install built-in up-lighters, with the right lighting it can be very expressive towards your home.

Walls provide a lot of practical uses such as supporting a water feature, help visually stretch a space, become a home to a mood-boosting outdoor fireplace, and support smart light fittings. There are so many choices to try, whatever your budget or outdoor space, there is something for everyone.

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