Business And Home Storage: 3 Tips You Will Like

Whether you want to store inventory in a warehouse or just putting away holiday decorations until the season rolls around again, you probably know that packing away items (especially oddly shaped items) isn’t always as easy as it looks. Organizing storage spaces can be like playing a game of Tetris. Luckily, just like there are tips and tricks to playing Tetris, there are also a few tricks and tips you can keep in mind while storing items. Check out these business and home storage tips!

Business And Home Storage Ideas

Plastic Totes

Cardboard boxes are great for storing items for a short amount of time in dry and temperature-controlled areas. However, cardboard boxes aren’t ideal if you are storing temperature-sensitive items in cool places. They’re not great either if you are storing items in places like basements, which can become damp easily. Not to mention, some cardboard boxes can rip or fall apart if they are filled with heavy items.

To avoid all of the possible setbacks that come with using cardboard boxes, try using plastic totes. So long as there are no cracks in the tote, it will not allow water in. They are also much less likely to break than the average cardboard box! The best part is that plastic totes come in all shapes and sizes to store whatever you need, basically wherever you need!

Cantilever Racks

One thing that’s great for storing large and oddly-shaped items is a cantilever rack. These are long slim racks that attach to walls. This helps to keep floor space clear. One of the best parts about these racks is that they can hold almost anything. It doesn’t matter the size, shape or weight.

Since most of these racks, like the Simply Rack cantilever racking, are long and tall, they are best used in storage facilities and warehouses. However, you may also be able to fit one in a garage.

Shrink Wrap Bags

Lastly, if you want to compress soft items to have them take up less space, shrink wrap bags could be perfect for you! With this product, all you have to do is put soft items in the bag, close it, and use a vacuum to suck out the air. These bags would great when storing clothing, blankets, stuffed animals, and nearly anything else made of cloth. As a bonus, like plastic totes, these bags help to keep items dry, no matter where they are stored!

The next time you want to make storing items at home or at work a little easier, try any or all of these three tips. They are sure to take your organization game to the next level!

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