FashionClyp - Fashion Shopping App

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FashionClyp aims to redefine the way people do local fashion shopping, by making it easy, personalized, real-time, curated and complete; helping people stay on top of every offer, every new style and every flash sale in their favorite brands and local fashion, happening around them.

You can browse through 100's of partner brands and 1000's of Styles and Deals curated specially for you and avail exclusive limited-time offers within the iOS app.

FashionClyp - Local Sales, Trending Styles, Desired Brands

The app icon is a neatly designed two-tone 3D shopping bag and the app has a very polished user interface. I like the way the header & footer uses a stitched leather pattern and the idea of content floating on various blurred colorful backgrounds.

FashionClyp - Local Sales, Trending Styles, Desired Brands

The uneven grid view of clips on the Styles is neat and unlike other apps with simple pins on a map, FashionClyp plots brand logos with the deal values which makes it very easy to find favorite brands around you...

FashionClyp - Local Sales, Trending Styles, Desired Brands

FashionClyp Helps You:

  • Discover the Hottest Styles on Sale, Private Coupons in Your Favorite Brands & Local Stores
  • Get Exclusive & Real-Time Offers Around You Curated and Personalized for You 
  • Snap & Share Your Discovery and Become a “Social Stylist” 
  • Follow Friends and Other Fashion Clyppers , Stay on Top of Things

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